Laoliulu Taiji | The Triple Gems of Human Body: Essence; Qi Energy; Mind:
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Based on the theory of the Nature’s order, a single Qi (energy) comes from emptiness. The single Qi generates the dual aspects (Yin and Yang); the dual aspects generate three distinctions. The three distinctions create every living beings.

Affected by the weather changes, one can easily get sick and become physically weak. Practising Taiji could promote and harmonise blood and Qi flow in our body; strengthen our internal organs. In accordance with the theory of Yin and Yang (passive and active), it could prevent sickness and promote good health. Taiji is a form of Martial Arts. Practising Taiji not only can promote good health, it can also be used in combat or self-defence. Taiji Martial Arts had a history of few hundred years and is now widespread throughout the world.

Practise Taiji with a relax and calm mind set:

To live a healthy life, one should abstain from bad habits of lifestyles and engage in frequent physical exercises. Practising Taiji could balance the Yin and Yang (the passive and active aspects) of our body; help to promote smooth Qi and blood flow within our body; enhance our body’s immunity against virus attacks and many types of illness. Taiji practice is in unison with the concept of Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM). When practising Taiji, one should be mindfully relaxed and calm. One should also understand the theory of “six unions”; “seven stars”; and “eight methods” that matches the theories of eight extra meridians; extra acupuncture points; the roles of Yin and Yang; and the regenerating and combating role of five elements as depicted in the concept of “smooth and obstructive Qi flow and the rise and fall of event” in the Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM).

The “six unions” are classified into three internal unions and three external unions. The three internal unions are: mind united with intent; intent united with Qi energy; Qi energy united with power. The three external unions are: hand united with foot; elbow united with knee; and shoulder united with hip.
The “seven stars” include the methods of stillness and motion. Stillness represents seven orifices in Chinese traditional medicine, which are eyes, ears, mouth etc. Motion represents head, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees and feet.
The “eight methods” are warding off; rolling back; pressing; pushing down; plucking; rending; elbowing; and bumping. These are in accordance with the concept of eight extra acupuncture points in the TCM.

Yin and Yang represent our internal organs, and external appearance is our limbs and bones. Poor flow of Qi energy and blood within our body can cause illnesses. The illnesses can further be classified as within and outside our body. The illness within our body is influenced by seven emotions. The seven emotions are joy; rage; worry; obsession; grief; fear; and shock. Joy influences the heart; rage influences the liver; worry influences the spleen; grief influences the lungs; fear influences the kidneys; shock influences the gallbladder; obsession influences the small intestine; fear influences the bladder; anxiety
influences the stomach; and pensiveness influences the large intestine. Six desires are mouth, eye, nose, tongue, body and mind. The six external factors that can affect us are wind; coldness; heat; dryness; dampness; and smokiness. These are the main causes of our illnesses. Hence, one should pay attention to the emotions during Taiji practice. Be mindfully relaxed and calm when practising Taiji and follow the proper method so as to avoid detours from the right path.

Triple Gems: Essence, energy, mind

The root support of our health is essence; Qi energy; and mind. There is an old saying: sky has three treasures: sun, moon and stars; earth has three treasures: water, fire and wind; human being has three treasures: essence, Qi energy, mind. A youthful and healthy person is full of energy. The practice of internal energy skill of Lao Liu Lu Taiji is to promote and enhance the Triple Gems within us. This is the basic principle to keep us youthful and healthy.


Essence is differentiated into two types: inborn and acquired externally. The inborn essence is the original life substances that fetus obtained from the mother. This is the fundamental essentials of keeping living beings alive; growing; ageing; and reproduction. The externally acquired essence is obtained from foods that were transformed into basic substances inside body. This externally acquired essence supports the functions of organs and provide the energy for physiological activities. Abundance of essence will transform into Qi energy and store in the kidneys. This energy force will keep the body functioning normally, inclusive of reproduction function, and provide immunity against illnesses. The beginning level of Yang-style Neigong Lao Liu Lu Taiji training is to improve and enhance the functioning of kidneys that transform the essence into energy. TCM believes that the waist is the container of kidneys; and kidneys store the essence which is the origin of life. The chronical of Taijiquan had mentioned that the origin of life comes within waist. The message that said “practising Taiji without waist training will not be able to achieve higher level of expertise” shows the importance of training the waist and kidneys.

Qi Energy

Qi Energy is classified into two types: inherited and acquired. The acquired Qi energy includes Zong Qi (the energy in your lungs), Ying Qi and Wei Qi are gained from foods we consumed. The inherited Qi energy is transformed from the inborn essence. It is nurtured by the acquired Qi energy and stores in the kidneys and stays in your elixir field. It is this inherited Qi energy that maintain the proper functioning of our organs. This original Qi energy is the root of life; with it we live, without it we die. Zong, Ying and Wei Qi energy are all formed by the original Qi energy. Zong Qi is accumulated in the chest. It helps the proper functioning of lung; heart; and blood flow. Ying Qi flows in blood vessels, providing nutrients. TCM descripts Qi energy as the forward force of blood, and blood is the mother of Qi energy. Wei Qi works beneath the skin as protector against Virus attack and external environmental harm. The proper functioning of Wei Qi has correlation with good sleep and good foods. Taijiquan practice is to improve and enhance the original Qi energy, mindfully using the internal energy to lead the external physical motions. It is a practice to gather and harness the external Universal energy into improving our internal Qi energy. Many Taiji practitioners misconstrue Qi energy as breathing.


The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon descripts three kinds of minds:
(1) The changing of energy force of Nature,
(2) Energy force of Living beings.
(3) The manifestation of humans’ energy force into external appearance.
Mind can be separated into innate mind and acquired mind. The innate mind is originated in the brain. It is considered above the order of essence and Qi energy. This mind is inborn and original. The QiGong practitioners and Taoists are focusing on this mind training. The acquired mind is formed by the gathered knowledge, neural information flow and emotions. The acquired mind is controlled by innate mind. All physical responses and activities are directives from the mind.