Laoliulu Taiji | 老六路太极拳协会
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Our Association was established by Master Qian Feng (钱丰) with the help of Lok Sing (陆碧湖) and associates on 16 August 2006. The association was finally registered in Malaysia in December 2007 after more than a year of untiring efforts. The head coach of martial arts is Master Qian Feng, and the chairperson is Lok Sing. Currently, the association has more than a thousand students, with five training centres in Klang Valley.

We have developed a systematic approach in teaching Laoliulu, including step-by-step practices, theory and guidance, and tutorial sessions. Students are also supported by a group of instructors at each centre and self-learning facilitated by books and videos. More Info


The founder of Yang-style Taijiquan was Yang Luchan (杨露禅), a native of Yongnian county of Hebei province. He is amongst the most well-known figures in Taijiquan history and had made remarkable contributions wide spreading Taijiquan............

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Inner energy is the training of the internal spirit, mind and vitality, formless and invisible, but everyone could feel the existing of internal energy through practicing.......

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The practice of Taijiquan is suitable for men and women of all ages. The regimen of Taijiquan can be classified into exercise for heath; self-defence; and martial arts application. There are classes for public (large sizes) and assistant instructor classes…

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Body essence, life energy and spirit are the triple gems of human health. The practice of Taijiquan is a way to strengthen our body and mind, prevents diseases, and achieve a long and lasting healthy life…

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Notice Board
  • 15/4/2023 – New Student Intake (Yoke Nam)
  • 12/2/2023 – CNY Lunch Gathering
  • 7/11/2022 – New Student Intake (On Pong)
  • 2/11/2022 – Class resumption in SJKC Mun Choong
  • 1/8/2022 – Class resumption in SJKC On Pong 2
  • 5-12/7/2022 – New Student Intake
  • 26/6/2022 – Inauguration Dinner
  • 4/6/2022 – Class resumption in SJKC Yoke Nam
  • 2/6/2022 – Class resumption in SJK(C) Chung Hwa Damansara