Laoliulu Taiji | Master Qian Feng
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Master. Qian Feng

Qian Feng

Lifetime Honorary President and Head Coach

Qian Feng (钱丰) was born in 1978 in Anshan city, Liaoning province, China. Qian Feng is passionate about Chinese martial arts since childhood. In 1995, at a tender age of 17, he started his training of Laoliulu Taijiquan under the seventh-generation master of Yang-style Laoliulu Taijiquan, Jiang Youkui (姜有奎), and also under the personal guidance of Lee Hesheng (李和生), sixth-generation master of Yang-style Laoliulu Taijiquan. Qian Feng’s diligence and passions to learn under both masters had seen him progress by leaps and bounds.

In 2006, Qian Feng came to Malaysia to promote Laoliulu Taijiquan. He dedicates his times and untiring efforts in teaching Laoliulu Taijiquan to Malaysians and currently he has taught close to two thousand students. He has certainly contributed to the development of systematic approach in teaching Laoliulu Taijiquan, and receives the highest respect from fellow martial arts practitioners.

To complement the teaching of Laoliulu Taijiquan, Qian Feng published a teaching video “Inner Power: Yang Style Internal Skills Laoliulu Taijiquan (内功道: 杨式内功老六路太极拳)” in 2016 which included detailed explanation of the learning and application of inner energy. The video also included demo of stances and movements for boxing, stick, saber, and sword.